S P P -is- Synopsys Plus Perl

SPP (Synopsys Plus Perl * ) is a Perl module that wraps around Synopsys' shell programs. The primary application of SPP is to allow Synopsys products to have complete shell-like capabilities when run interactively. This means history, command-completion, emacs/vi line editing, keymap customization, shell redirection, etc. SPP was written to wrap around any of Synopsys' shells. This includes:

  bc_shell        dt_shell        pp_shell
  budget_shell    fc2_shell       psyn_shell
  ca_shell        fm_shell        pt_shell
  dc_shell        fpga_shell      ra_shell
  dc_shell-t      lc_shell        
  dp_shell        pe_shell        

+6/23/2005: You can put set sh_enable_line_editing true in your ~/.synopsys_dc.setup file to obtain real readline-ish capabililties for most of Synopsys products! Try it!
+Download Now! (latest version is 1.10, released on 06-24-03)
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Web pages by Joel Baxter, jbaxter@lemur.stanford.edu.

* Synopsys, Inc. is neither affiliated with nor supports SPP in any way.