SPP News

06-23-05: More and more Synopsys products have support for the set sh_enable_line_editing true setting in your ~/.synopsys_dc.setup file. And if your favor *_shell exec doesn't have it yet, it probably will with the next release. Please give it a try and if it doesn't work, bug your Synopsys support person about adding it.

05-07-04: Starting with the V2003.12 release of dc_shell, you can put set sh_enable_line_editing true in your ~/.synopsys_dc.setup file to obtain real readline-ish capabililties! I've used the feature myself and it's good! History, command completion, command argument completion, it's all there. Hopefully all Synopsys shell interface will soon have this capability, although only dc_shell has it now.

06-24-03: Version 1.10. After a long hiatus, I've updated the page slightly. I'm happy to report that as perl has evolved, the install process has gotten easier. The installation instructions reflect that. I updated the Synopsys module to need perl5.6.1 or later, and you should use readline-4.0 or later too.

11-10-00: The base URL of SPP has been changed. It is now http://www-vlsi.stanford.edu/~jsolomon/SPP

10-16-99: Version 1.01. At long last another update. Except for bug fixes, version 1.01 is going to be the last version of SPP. I made some significant changes to the frontend code, but nothing major to the Synopsys.pm stuff. First, I changed the name of the frontend script from synopsys_fe to synopsys_shell. Second, I ripped out all the frontend magic from synopsys_shell and created a new module that could be used for any Perl based readline interface program. I call it CommandTerm and you now need to install it and ANSIColor to use SPP. Both modules are straight Perl, so I don't envision much problem installing either.

06-12-99: Version 0.24. Added a streaming data handler callback. See the Synopsys.pm manpage for details.

05-26-99: Version 0.23. Cleaned up a few things. Nothing major.

05-18-99: Version 0.22. Rewrote Makefile.PL yet again. Also updated the download and install instructions. Hopefully, I made things better.

05-17-99: Version 0.21. Improved Makefile.PL. Added Dcsh support for the variable() method.

05-16-99: Version 0.20. I realized that I was missing the boat by not supporting the default Dcsh mode. Adding it was pretty simple. This brings lc_shell into the mix. That's 9 shells now. Are there more I don't know about?

05-15-99: Version 0.14. A few fixes. Discovered that dp_shell also has a Tcl interface and added support for it. That's 8 Synopsys shells now, woohoo!

05-14-99: Updated the Makefile.PL file to make the synopsys_fe smarter about where stuff is installed. Rewrote the download page to be more helpful (hopefully).

05-14-99: Version 0.13. The eval around use Data::Dumper; works now. Fixed a few other small things. Added more debugging output.

05-13-99: Version 0.12. Put eval around use Data::Dumper; in case some sites don't have it.

05-13-99: Version 0.11. Got rid of most of the backticks. Added more verbose output. Added a -verbose flag to synopsys_fe to help debugging. Added two questions to the FAQ.

05-12-99: Version 0.10. Woohoo!